Need Maintenance?

Emergency Maintenance

If your maintenance item has or is likely to cause damage to person or property (such as water flooding), please call:


For Plumbing or Gas emergencies, please contact

BBC Plumbing on 0409 694 938


SA Water on 1300 729 283


For Electrical emergencies, please contact 

Pana Electrical on 0422 746 045


If this phone is unattended, please contact another trade as required. 

**Please note, if this is not deemed an emergency, charges will be applied to the tenant.


What is considered an emergency?

Emergency items are considered those that could cause injury to the tenant or damage the property.

Examples of these are:

– Blocked toilet (if another toilet is not available)

– Serious roof or gas leak

– Burst water pipes causing significant leaks

– Water within the property causing flooding

– Hot water service failure on a weekend

– Items likely to injure a person or cause damage to the property


Please note your lease agreement does not authorise you to complete your own repairs. If you do, the landlord is not required to reimburse you for any costs incurred.


Non Emergency Maintenance

Please log any maintenance requests here

Contact us at if you need assistance with this.


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