We care about you and your property!

At MAYA Real Estate, we work to manage your investment and provide our clients with inner peace based on a dependable property management service. We will handle every element of your property, from finding reliable tenants, to property maintenance, ensuring that rent is always paid on time.

We are here to assist with the process and are dedicated to provide the highest possible service levels to you. Our team is supported by the latest technologies to enhance the optimisation of your property. From digital leasing including full colour photos incorporated in our paperless ingoing and outgoing condition reports, through to photo-based maintenance approval, our technology will keep you assured. We work with you by keeping you informed so that you are aware of each step. In addition to this, our team will always seek your authorisation prior to spending your money.

We are confident that our staff will not only treat you with utmost courtesy and professionalism, but also with respect and will represent your property in keeping the honor you have given us in allowing MAYA Real Estate to manage your investment property.

Reach out to us today and let our trained specialists take care of the rest

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